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UT Men’s Soccer Player Practices Holistic Journey Through Listening and Self-Love

By: Cameron Andrade A member of The University of Tampa’s men’s soccer team, senior forward Omar Thali, has discovered a journey of his own. A calisthenic workout technique that approaches the holistic ways of the body. Calisthenics are exercises that focus a great amount on the importance of the body and the mental flow state. […]

Indonesian Soccer Match Riots Leaves 125 Dead

By: Cameron Andrade At least 125 fans were killed after a riot broke out in an Indonesian League soccer match between Persebaya Surabaya and Arema on Saturday, Oct.1. It is one of the deadliest sporting events in history.  The riots broke out after Persebaya Surabaya defeated their rivals Arema 3-2 on their home ground for […]

Ranking the 2022 World Cup Kits

By: Zachary Kershaw Occurring only once-a-quadrennial, the FIFA World Cup is set to kick off for the 22nd time in history. Players will represent their home countries and compete against other countries on the soccer field for the title of World Champion. The event is the grandest stage there is for competitive soccer. Hosted in […]

Ronaldo Becomes Top Scorer in Men’s Soccer History

By: Daniela Garcia Worldwide soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo became the all-time top scorer for professional soccer during Mar.10th against Tottenham Hotspur by scoring a hat-trick and winning 3-2. During the rival game against Tottenham Hotspur, Ronaldo managed to score three goals, the first being 12 minutes into the game and the second one breaking the […]

Sporting Events Canceled in Russia Amidst Ukraine Invasion 

By: Matteo Herrera  Due to tensions going on in Russia, the sports world has reacted by pulling every future sporting event away from Russia. Russian troops are continuing to march into Ukraine, which has sparked an international outrage leading to sanctions and criticism. “Due to nato expansion in Ukraine Russia has taken steps that the […]

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