Green Fleet to The Rescue

Photo by Scott Silvestro/The Minaret
Photo by Scott Silvestro/The Minaret

UT students may have noticed the Green Fleet courtesy vehicles waiting outside Vaughn during busy outing nights last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The new hybrid cars provide not only a safe and reliable means of ferrying students from the university to popular party locations, but do so in a manner that’s environmentally friendly.

The service is completely free, though tips are recommended. It provides convenient and complimentary transportation to Tampa’s downtown district, Channelside, South Howard Avenue and the infamous Ybor City.

“Starters,” Green Fleet representatives wearing Yellow Cab shirts, will also be available to assist students from Thursday through Saturday nights and can be found at the taxi stands outside of Vaughn.

“Our volunteer drivers are attentive to customers’ needs and are ready to assist them, from a friendly smile to opening doors,” affirms Green Fleet co-owner Louis A. Minardi.

Supportive of the courtesy cab ideal, other vehicles have joined with Green Fleet in an effort to provide free transportation services to students.

Cabs participating in this program are identifiable by orange flags reading “Free Rides.”

Sponsored directly by Red Top Cab Company, Green Fleet is affiliated with Yellow Cab, MMG Transportation, Checker Cab Transportation and West Coast Transportation.

Green Fleet vehicles can be contacted at (813)-888-5008 or approached directly outside of Vaughn on the designated Thursday to Saturday nights.

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