Making the Most Out of College

oxfordeasyNo one thought it was possible, but it happened. Getting into Oxford University has been made easy.

Former Minaret staff member and University of Tampa Alumnus, Simos Farrell created a tool for all college students to make the most out of their college career and even study at Oxford.

Farrell began writing “Oxford Made Easy” after leaving Oxford during his semester abroad with the Honors at Oxford Program.

“I thought it was a really great experience,” Farrell said.

His experiences as a student at Oxford and at UT inspired him to write the book for all students.

“I wanted to spread the word to students who would otherwise lose the opportunities,” Farrell said. “It’s a general strategy for making your most at a university.”

Farrell came up with the top three ways Freshman can get the most out of you University experience.

The first is to be aware of your interests and look at the opportunities available. For example, get involved on campus.

The second is to not focus specifically on one major. Explore all kinds of sources.

The third is when you develop your interests, to get an independent study with a professor.

Although Farrell only spent one semester at Oxford, he has researched with several institutions and their various study abroad requirements.

He also revisited some of the faculty at Oxford to finish up the book over the summer.

He calls it a “labor of love” and it is something that he hopes to continually update and revise. Sor far he has received positive feedback from the book.

After graduating from UT, Farrell began his post-graduate work at Brandeis University and has since pursued his writing with the main goal of publishing this book.

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