Let’s Be Smart As We Start

Here we are Spartans, another year has started. For some students this is their first semester and others it will be their last. Each can tell their tales of the great learning experiences under the minarets of Plant Hall and others have great expectations of what’s to come.

It is truly sad that we began our year with the death of Ryan McCall. He was a true Spartan. Coaching was his passion and he was already living it while coaching and touching the lives of the track team at Tampa Preparatory and his friends and family. Let’s live like Ryan did. Pick each other up, be positive and keep a smile on our face.

Hopefully, this event will open a dialogue within the community and see how we can start helping the situation from its core. There are areas very close to the university where students live that can be considered to be not so safe. How can we find a beneficial solution for all parties?

The university’s primary concern other than the education of their students should be safety of those both on and off campus.  No university community ever wants to see something like this happen.

Campus Safety and Security runs regular patrols during these late night and early morning hours.  However, we are still an open campus and people can come in and out freely.

Security can do a lot of the work, but including students, staff and faculty; there are a lot of eyes on campus and everyone needs to keep an eye out. Be careful who you let in behind you. Think smart. Be responsible.

Students need to be aware of what’s going on around them.

The University of Tampa continues to grow and construction on campus seems to be a never ending.  In an effort to cope with the increased enrollment every year, UT doesn’t seem to have a choice but to not stop and continue to expand.

The early summer purchase  of the Valencia Garden has some promising future plans but nothing has been announced other than some office space and 68 temporary commuter parking spaces which will be here in six weeks. We’re sure plans are in the works for classroom space and we think UT would benefit the most from it.

The opportunities here are boundless. Explore the area.  Get off campus. See what’s around. Take a bus, take your car or your friend’s car and see what’s out there.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about classes. After all, that’s why you’re here. We promise some can be fun and exciting. It all depends on how you step foot in a class on the first day.

Generally, it will set the pace for the rest of the year. Of course, there will be tests that you didn’t exactly study enough for or quizzes you didn’t expect but you have to tough it out, move on and do better next time.

The Minaret is also starting new and fresh. We are student-run and only student-run. Nobody can change that.

We are just like you, students. The new theminaretonline.com is new and exciting. We apologize for any recent additional e-mails. We are continually testing our capabilities, but we don’t want to lose our readers in the process.

In an effort to cut costs, we have gone to a smaller paper size. You won’t notice much of a difference but there is.

Check us out on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us, poke us, send us a message and come by the office.  We are the student voice of the University of Tampa.

The Minaret wants to know what concerns you have. What do you care about? How can we help you?

Oh and how would you like to see The Minaret at one of your local hangouts? Well, we might be heading that way.

Pick us up. Tell your friends. Tell your mom and your dad. Good luck and have a great year!

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