Sorority Sisters, Lacrosse Lovers Try to Bring Club Sport

After talking over dinner, two University of Tampa sophomores realized they shared more than their sorority letters.

A mutual love of lacrosse soon bonded Kaitlin Hall and Sherri Pecor. Both women are from the northeast, where the sport is popular.

‘I haven’t gotten to play at all since I’ve been down here,’ Pecor said.

Both played while in high school, and Hall played as a freshman at her previous college. She says that she was disappointed UT had no lacrosse team. Their let down inspired them to take action.

Over the past few months Hall and Pecor have been meeting with advisers and filling out paperwork in an effort to start UT’s first women’s lacrosse organization. Filling out paperwork and finding an adviser will not be the only obstacles the young women will face.

UT men’s lacrosse organization was active on campus for a few years but fell through due to limited time on both the intramural field as well as the soccer field.

Senior Zach Place is glad to see that someone is taking action for a sport that he, too, is passionate about.

‘I think if people work hard and really stick with it, it will give great opportunities to a lot of girls on campus, as well as incoming students to see that we have a women’s lacrosse team,’ said the former UT men’s lacrosse player.

Hall and Pecor hope to ease into the sport, understanding that most of the players will be rusty, but have high expectations for the organization’s future.

‘Hopefully in the next couple of years this will turn into a club sport so we can play other schools and have some competition,’ Hall said.

The duo hopes to have the organization up and running at the start of the fall semester.

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