Graduating Soccer Player and Writer Bids Farewell to Her Field

Kara Wall

Most people start these farewell articles reminiscing about the first article they ever wrote for The Minaret, or their first experience with the Minastaff, but I don’t really remember either of those incidents.

I think I started writing for The Minaret my sophomore year. I had just added writing as a second major and I was taking Journalism I with Chris Harry. I remember him saying we would get extra credit at the end of the year if we had articles published in The Minaret. He used to give these hopelessly impossible quizzes on material in the AP Stylebook (our ‘Bible,’ he claimed) and I failed most of them, so I decided I should probably look into writing for The Minaret. I don’t really remember how I got involved past that, but here I am, two years later and about to graduate into this really awesome economy. Oh, also, I got an

A in Journalism I. Thanks Harry, I owe ya.

Being an athlete, I was (unfortunately) in The Minaret a couple times. Actually, I don’t so much mind being written about in The Minaret as I do having pictures of me published in it.

I opened The Minaret the week after a soccer game this last season only to find a horribly embarassing, indescribably humiliating picture of me published by none other than my own sports editor, Bobby ‘The Weasel’ Winsler. ‘ I will not describe what the picture looked like, but the worst part was the caption: ‘Senior Shelby Kuni gets hit in the face with a ball.’ It was completely erroneous and misleading. Bobby sucked (sucks?).

Anyway, I think that article was published just a few weeks after the infamous ‘Women’s Soccer Hazing’ article, which, being both a writer for The Minaret and a member of the women’s soccer team, I was inconveniently thrown in the middle.

My mom has become pretty notorious in the Minaoffice for writing some pretty brutal comments on sports-related issues (namely one’s written by Bobby). Charles likes to make jokes about my mom and Bobby and how they secretly love each other. It’s nauseating. But yeah, I think it was after that hazing article that my mom dubbed Bobby, in one of her comments, Bobby ‘The Weasel’ Winsler. I like it.

Anyway, despite all of his harassment towards me, Bobby has graciously always given me space to write in the sports section, and I am very grateful to him for that. I’m not sure I ever wrote anything too substantial, but I’m fortunate that he had enough faith in me to represent him throughout his sports section this year. I’d also like to say thanks to Olivia, the assistant sports editor. Tuesday nights in the Minaret wouldn’t be the same without her, and I will miss her next year.

I’d like to thank Peter and Charlie, all of the section editors and especially Charles for all they’ve done for The Minaret this year. I know I always try to sneak out by 2 or 3 a.m. on

Wednesdays, but they stay for however long it takes to get The Minaret sent off to be printed for Friday’s issue. Oh, and I must thank Berryism for supplying us with endless amounts of yogurt and delicious toppings to keep us alive through Tuesday nights.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone who reads The Minaret, especially my roommate, Martha ‘Marsha’ Bromfield, for walking around campus advertising my articles and making sure people pick up a copy. Seeing y’all read the paper reminds us why we love what we do.

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