Career Services Opens Doors To Jobs

The University of Tampa’s Career Services office is busier than it ever has been, and with good reason.

‘ Seniors are panicking as they face a disrupted job market and underclassmen are clamoring for internships so they can face the weak job market with valuable experience.

Luckily, Career Services is up for the challenge.

With a team of staff members and a suite of opportunities, they give students an advantage in a disadvantaged market.

At last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, much praise was heaped onto the Career Services office.

Even Trustee John Sykes, whose name presides over the College of Business, gave the staff a glowing review and urged other trustees to sign their companies up for internships and job openings.

The board is filled with dozens of high-powered business owners who have successful operations in the Tampa area, and they could benefit from an influx of student interns.

If they believe enough in the university to donate large sums of money, they should believe in the capabilities of the students they are supporting.

More important than the benefits to the business is the growth that UT students will see. With negative job creation, only those candidates who can show an immediate ability to help a company are likely to be hired.

Whom would you pick? The guy with the 3.5 and a great attitude, or the guy with a 3.5, a great attitude and a year of working at a Fortune 500 company?

Career Services is giving students a leg up. Some trustees and many local businesses are giving themselves and UT students a leg up.

But only the proactive, dedicated students are helping themselves.

The office is so busy that Sheila Hood, who works with seniors, joked that she crosses her fingers at every incoming email, praying it’s not a graduating senior who needs help.

Everything isn’t roses over in Riverside, though.
The office is dangerously low in their abilities to help a wide range of students, especially those in the sciences.

Efforts have been made to expand to biology and conservation positions, but they just aren’t up to their abilities yet.

Every student should take a trip to the Career Services office.

They don’t even make you climb the stairs to the third floor of Plant Hall anymore, as they enjoy their sweet new digs in the Riverside building.

You even get to walk down a ramp instead of up three flights of stairs.

Get a resume review.

Look over internships.

Work on a cover letter. Find a job.

You pay for these services; show that you know the value of your tuition dollar and get something in return for it.

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