“Sykes Closes Firm in Minot, ND.”

Sykes Enterprises, the company founded by University of Tampa trustee John H. Sykes, will be closing one of its offices this May.

The office in Minot, North Dakota will be closing its doors because– as surprising as this may seem in the current economy– it can’t find enough employees to hire.

Sykes Enterprises, a firm that focuses in computer customer support services for corporations, opened the call center in Minot in 1996.

Recently, the company wanted to increase the number of its employees to 450.

However, so few people applied that now the office plans to close on May 10, an act that will cut 200 current jobs.

‘We’ve been working for several months there [in Minot] to find applicants for work, since we have been experiencing significant growth in the US,’ Sykes spokeswoman Andrea Burnett told the AFP.

North Dakota is one of the few states in the country that has not buckled under the national unemployment trend.

While the country’s unemployment rate was at 8.1 percent in February, North Dakota’s unemployment rate stayed at 5.1 percent, one of the lowest in the nation.

Minot particularly, a city of about 40,000, has not been hit as hard as other cities by the current economic turmoil.

Based in agricultural commodities and oil production, and home to a US Air Force base, it has been doing well despite the recession.

Sykes Enterprises, based in Tampa, currently operates customer services in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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