Police Beat

Compiled From Reports
Provided By UT Security

Student receives fist to face followed by face full of bush.

Two students responded to the Vaughn Center lobby where they met with security on March 7.
One of the students reported that he had been walking back to campus when an unknown man approached him and began to verbally attack him in the Plant Hall lot.
The subject then struck the student causing him to fall into some nearby bushes, injuring his face. The altercation was witnessed by another student, but neither knew the subject other than he possibly belongs to a fraternity on campus.

Quick — this student needs CANDY!

Officers were called to a McKay Hall room in reference to an unresponsive student on March 7.
Upon arrival the officers were advised by the roommate that he had returned home from work and found his roommate passed out on the desk.
Attempts to get the student to wake up were unsuccessful and Tampa Fire Rescue was called to the scene.
Paramedics arrived and learned that the student was a diabetic and was possibly unresponsive due to his sugar level. He was treated for low sugar and became responsive to the paramedics. He was given information to bring his sugar content up further and was left in his room.

At least he wasn’t looking at porn ‘hellip; or was he?

Officers were called to the computer center lab on March 7 by lab staff in reference to a subject who was refusing to leave.
Upon arrival of the officers, the staff advised they were trying to close and lock the lab for the night, but the subject refused to leave the lab. Officers talked to the subject and asked for identification.
He refused to talk to the officers or provide identification to them. When the officers were finally able to get the subject to stand, he started to walk outside, still refusing to identify himself. He walked toward the library only to find that it too was closed.
He became more belligerent and verbally abusive to officers as they tried to determine his identity. He was finally handcuffed and his identification was obtained indicating he was a current resident student.
He became compliant with officers and was released with a referral to the conduct board.

Passed out drunk at 3:15 p.m. on a Sunday? And a non-UT student?? What’s the world come to?
Officers received a call about a male subject in the bushes by the old post office at Plant Hall on March 8. Upon arrival officers found a man lying in the bushes and recognized him as a subject they had previously removed from the property.
The subject was detained and Tampa Police were called. The subject was formally arrested for trespassing and for an outstanding capias for theft. He was then transported to Tampa General Hospital for medical clearance as he was highly intoxicated and incoherent.

Don’t piss off your roommates, kids.
As an officer patrolled the floors on March 8, he found the door to a Vaughn Center room had been damaged as if someone had kicked it opened.
An RA was contacted and she was made aware of the damage by the resident student.
According to the student, he had returned to his room and found he was locked out. He tried to get his roommates to open the door, but they laughed and ignored him. He then kicked the door in to gain access.

Sounds like he needs to stick with the mild sauce.

Security received a call on March 9 about smoke on the eighth floor of Straz Hall.
Upon arrival, officers observed smoke in the hallway and a detector sounding from a room.
Officers met the resident of the room who stated he was cooking and some BBQ sauce from a previous meal started to smoke as he cooked his new meal. The officers ventilated the room and the hallway to get rid of the smoke and reset the smoke detector.

Nothing gets in the way of the mail!

A Chiselers member was transported back to his car that was parked in front of the post office loading dock area on March 10.
Upon his return, he observed a small dent on the vehicle’s passenger side that he stated was not there previously. Review of the camera footage from the loading dock did not show any relevant information as to the cause of the damage.

Underage and overconfident

Officers and RA’s responded to a Vaughn Center room for an alcohol violation complaint on March 12.
Upon arrival, officers met with the residents and others inside the room. The occupants were advised of the reason for the visit and that a room search would be done. The officers located numerous articles of alcohol in plain sight and disposed of them at the scene. Several referrals were made to the conduct board as the students were less than 21 years of age.

Coming in the back door, eh?

An Urso Hall student was found to have allowed a non-student to reside with him for the week of March 15. The resident student had intentionally circumvented the security sign-in policy by bringing the subject through the back door to have access to the building. The resident student was referred to the conduct board.

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