Sophomores Easily Transfer to UT

Not all fresh faces at UT belong to freshmen. In the spring of 2009, approximately half of the accepted transfer students were sophomores.

Adviser Fran Pasetti processes the transfers and says most have between 30 and 50 credit hours. She said the university accepted 186 transfer students, 94 of whom came’ as sophomores.

‘ UT is not doing anything particular to advertise to these sophomore students. The number of applicants is always high. Perhaps the reason for the high number of sophomore transfers is because transferring into UT as a rising sophomore is much easier than being accepted as a freshman.

‘We rely on our incoming transfers to balance out the number of students we have lost during the year.’ said Pasetti. ‘

She said the university loses a high number of first-year students each year.

The standards of the admissions office lower slightly when they are looking at transfer applications. When accepting transfer students, the university is more aware of class numbers.

A student who was denied admission to UT in 2008 has a greater chance of being accepted as a transfer in 2009.

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