Police Beat

Compiled from reports Provided by UT Security


A student reported to security on Feb. 3 that she was having an issue with a fellow student. The incident occurred at a local bar and had escalated to the point that the other student assaulted her.

She said that the female is continuing to harass her and she wanted to advise campus security. She did not want to involve the Tampa Police Dept. for a criminal complaint as she only wanted to mediate it through ResLife.

Short Season

Officers responded to a call of an injured student outside of Sykes College of Business on Feb. 3. Upon responding they located the student at the curb of North B St with his ankle already ‘iced up.’
He advised he had injured his ankle while trying out for the soccer team earlier. He declined any medical attention and was advised to follow up with the campus health center.

Grand Theft Austin

(This report reflects a date range from Dec. 11, 2008 to Feb. 4, 2009)
A student came to the security office to report the theft of several items of clothing from her Austin Hall room on Feb. 4. She said that on Dec. 11, 2008 she had packed up to return home for the Winter break and noticed a few items of clothing missing from her wardrobe.

She returned to campus on Jan. 18 and unpacked her clothes to resume classes. On the days since she has noticed more items of her clothes missing and suspected her roommate of stealing them.

She requested a room change and on Feb. 4 was in the process of packing all her belongings to move to her new room. While doing this she saw one of her missing items laying in plain sight with the suspected roommates belongings. She investigated further into her belongings and found the majority of her missing clothes hidden amongst the soon to be ex roommates belongings. The suspected student was referred to the conduct board for action. The student was provided the Tampa Police Dept. phone number to file an additional criminal complaint if desired.

What a Wii-diculous Crime

A student responded to the security office on Feb. 5 to report that his Wii system and assorted items and games for the system were stolen from his Brevard Hall room.

He advised that between Jan. 11 and Jan. 21 that these items have come up missing from his room and no one has any idea what may have happened to them. The student was given the number to the Tampa Police Dept. to file a stolen property report also if desired.

When push comes to shove’hellip;

Officers were summoned to Austin Hall to meet with RA’s in reference to another student that had assaulted one of the RA’s on Feb. 5.

An RA was having difficulty with a fellow suitemate and had attempted to talk to her about the problems. Meeting with resistance she requested the help of a fellow RA. When they tried to speak to the other student she shoved the RA and became verbally belligerent. The student was referred to the conduct board.

Congratulations, first alcohol violation of Gasparilla!

Officers were summoned to Brevard Hall at request of RA’s on Feb 7.
They were directed to a room in regards to a party. Officers made contact with the 10 students inside the room and found numerous articles of alcohol around the room. All students were determined to be under 21 years of age and were all referred to the conduct board.

Busted bigtime ‘- did you really think you’d get away with it?

Officers were again summoned to Brevard Hall at request of RA’s on Feb 7. They were directed to a room in regards to a party. Officers responded to the room but all occupants had departed.

They conducted a room search and located several items of alcohol around the room.

All the occupants of the room were under 21 years of age and were referred to the conduct board.

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