This Season: Appreciate The Gifts We Have

I don’t want much for Christmas, but since you asked: I want an iPod, a Honda Civic with a customized paint job in candy apple red, that new Macbook, gift cards to Starbucks, Target, and maybe even Jim’s Sporting goods (even if I haven’t played a sport since 5th grade).

I want my parents to leave me alone’mdash;hopefully I can tune them out with that iPod.

Hopefully, my annoying Aunt Tina isn’t there to pester me about grades and ‘what I’m gonna do with my life?’

You know what? Sometimes I can’t stand the holidays!

I never get what I want and then I have to force a smile and pretend that I like the bulky sweater my great Aunt got for me or that dumb Barbie since some of my family members can’t accept the fact that I’m over 18.

Actually, this holiday season, I realize I’m lucky to get a decent meal on the table this Christmas.

I wish I could take my family to go see the grandparents they miss so much, but I can’t find the funds right now.

I wish I could see some of my relatives who aren’t here right now to tell them I love them. And, it will be rough seeing the strain on my younger relatives’ faces; smiling at the junk I had no choice but to give them as a present.

But this Christmas they know at least we have each other.

This month let’s take the time to realize what we have and how good we’ve got it.

Let’s step back from our own wishes and appreciate what we already have.

We’ll all be better for it. So this Christmas knowing that I have everything I could need and more, I want to give.

Here are some foundations to consider:

Toys For Tots
Angel Tree
Make A Wish Foundation
My Two Front Teeth

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