The Newest Film Craze: Twilight Hits the Big Screen

To start things off I would like to point out that I am a bit obsessed with vampire and werewolf mythologies and stories, and after watching Twilight I am now hooked and want to read the novels.

I went to the Twilight premiere having never read the book much less knowing what the story was about, besides that it involved a girl and a family of vampires.

Watching the movie I was immediately entranced by what I was watching, not only because of the story-line but also visually.

Director Catherine Hardwicke created quite an interesting visual appeal to the film.

Keeping the color a pale bluish gray and the only color to escape that palette being the greenery of the forest it was quite a painting.

The cinematography itself was also exquisite.

The camera flowed freely, surrounding the characters as a narrator to the story.

In many cases the camera moved like the person would if you were looking at the action in a book.

The editing style was simple and I am usually opposed to this. In Twilight, however, I enjoyed the simplicity of the editing.

Keeping it simple aided in bringing to life the complexity of the love affair happening before our eyes.

One thing that did bother me a little was the lack of close-ups.

There were a few but not enough in my opinion. Then again I love close-ups so that might be a bit biased.

I enjoyed the music in the music in the film. It had an enchanting feel.

The characters were interesting and mysterious and could have been a tiny bit more developed but it was enough to satisfy my hunger to wanting to know all.

The dialogue was also fun. It was poetic and I truly loved it. To make my confusion as to why some fans were a little disappointed a bit worse, the dialogue was very accurate with the novel. Exact words were said.

Many of my friends who are die hard fans wanted to feel and see more of the love affair.

To me it was enough, it left the rest to your imagination. In this case again I am again a bit biased because I don’t like being force fed by films.

I fell in love at them falling in love.

Sure it was more powerful and sweaty and sexy in the books but you can only do so much in a movie to remain at a PG-13 rating.

Nowadays, the ratings board are quite sticklers for this sort of thing.
I have become a fan and I am glad that they are already working on the second and third novels, New Moon and Eclipse.

The movies are both being written and Summit Entertainment is eager to begin production.

All in all, why be disappointed?

‘Be glad they gave you two hours and remained loyal to the novel,’ as I heard one viewer say.

The books may be better, this is true but being a film major I understand how difficult it is to do 100% justice of a book when you have time limitations, studio execs over your head, and to top it off the most difficult the fan base.

One can never please the world. Again, I am now a fan and can’t wait to read the books.

Go to the movie and forget the book and I feel you will enjoy it a bit more.
Film and novels are two different mediums and as such you should respect both.

Once we learn how to do that I feel everyone will begin enjoy these types of films a lot more.

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