Juried Student Art Exhibit Opens with Full House

Several students, faculty, and family members gathered at the Bailey’s Art Studio for Friday night’s art show.

Approximately 70 art pieces were displayed, each unique and personal.

A variety of media was used, including: paint, charcoal, film, photography, and sculpture.

A remarkable amount of effort and skill was put into each piece.

UT students were given the opportunity to submit a number of art pieces for the show. The faculty decided the pieces that were exhibited in the art show

Evelyn Craft, executive director of The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, awarded 15 students with either the Honorable Mention or Body Award.

Since Craft is not part of the UT faculty, she was able to maintain objectivity and provide an unbiased review of the works presented.

The UT alumni present at the show were very impressed with Friday night’s exhibit.

“The art department is only getting better. The sculpture here is just dynamite!” One alumni said.

She later pointed out her favorite sculpture, which was produced by Alexa Gayt’aacute;n, who also won a Body Award.

Gayt’aacute;n created two pieces, a sculpture, “Viaje de Mistiles” and a charcoal drawing, “Obscuridad de Sue’ntilde;os”.

“Viaje de Mistiles” is Mexican for “Travels of my Feet”.

This piece was composed of a sack of beans and rice, attached to the wall. A long piece of twine connected the sack to a pile of the beans and rice on the floor and then in turn, to a sculpted pair of feet.

“The process was very natural with very little thinking,” said Gayt’aacute;n.

The beans and rice of the piece represented Gayt’aacute;n’s Mexican culture.

The feet symbolized her journey through life, away from her roots. But the twine connected Gayt’aacute;n’s past and present. “Viaje de Mistiles” demonstrated Gayt’aacute;n’s strong identity with her Mexican culture.

I was very impressed with the diversity of the art talent of the artists.

I also hope students will continue to visit the exhibit for their own benefit and to support the UT art community.

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