Conduct Process Resolution Receives No Revisions at SG

The alcohol policy resolution cosponsored by SG President-Elect Andrew Learned and members of the suspended fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon entered the revision process at Tuesday’s SG meeting.

When current vice president Tom McKissock asked the general assembly if there were any revisions, additions or deletions for the resolution, he was met with silence.

This means that the resolution will continue on to the voting stage at next week’s meeting, where members of the general assembly and any students who attend the meeting can vote to approve it.

“I think the resolution is pretty good, it’s pretty fair for the students to vote on who will be … evaluating them,” said freshman Denise Corsini.

Another student who wished to remain unnamed agreed.

“I feel like the administration is not going to subject itself to the change necessary for the benefit of the students,” he said. “But it will be interesting to see how the resolution is received by the administration.”

The resolution came about in part due to campaign promises made by Learned, and gained steam when Josh Murphy and Stephen DePalo, president of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, got on board.

Murphy and DePalo joined following an unfavorable ruling in a Conduct hearing in which the fraternity was found responsible for noncompliance with directives and violation of other University policies. As a result, the fraternity was suspended until May 2008.

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