Students Thrilled for Intramural Season

Even though the soccer field is closed through August, the intramural field is still open and awaiting the beginning of the intramural season.

The teams have begun to sign up, the schedule is being put together, and the first whistle is about to be blown. Students around campus are gearing up to win.

Freshman Michael Torti played intramural softball and basketball last semester with his fraternity brothers of Sigma Chi. This semester, he is ready to head back to the softball diamond with his brothers.

“Last semester was really fun,” Torti said. “I played baseball all throughout high school so it was nice to be back on the field. It is a great bonding experience with my brothers. And this semester we are ready to win.”

Chantel La France is also excited for her intramural floor hockey team.

“I played field hockey back at home,” La France said. “Although floor hockey is a little different than field hockey-indoors, coed, larger sticks-I am still really excited to be back on a team. I think intramurals are good because they enable students to play on a sports team without the stress of varsity sports. They are just for fun.”

Even students who are not participating on teams plan on joining in the experience.

Freshman Kathryn Cummins is a cross country and track runner here at school. Due to her role on the track team in the spring she will not be able to play on an intramural team.

“Even though I can’t play on the team I do want to go out and watch my friends play,” Cummins said. “It is fun and exciting to cheer on your friends. Intramurals offers a great opportunity to meet new people.”

No matter if you are putting on that old baseball glove for the first time in months, or just watching your roommate score a goal, spring intramurals definitely offer fun and excitement to all students.

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