Motion City Soundtrack with The MTV U Tour Rocks Jannus Landing

Last Monday, Motion City Soundtrack came to St. Petersburg with Anberlin, Mae, and Metro Station. The show was amazing and it was one of the best I have since in my life. Metro Station opened up the concert armed with catchy lyrics and fashionable clothing. Metro Station is a synth-pop rock band from Hollywood, California.

The band did an amazing job at warming the crowd up for the next bands and listening to them even made me buy their album.

The last song that the band played was a mix between hip-hop and pop and it got the crowd off their feet.

Anberlin came on next and the band was definitely a crowd favorite. Anberlin formed in 2002 and hails from Orlando, Florida. Stephen Christian, the lead singer, mentioned that it was great to be back in Florida. He went on to say during the song breaks that their family and friends were and that the band considered everyone in the audience to be a member of their family. Anberlin played a wide range of songs from their three albums. They played the old favorites like “A Day Late” and “Paperthin Hymn”, but also played songs off their new album “Cities.” During one of the songs, Stephen even jumped into the crowd.

It seemed like Anberlin had been on for five minutes, when they announced their last song, “Godspeed.” Anberlin was my favorite part of the show and after wanting to see them for so long and missing them at Warped Tour, they were definitely worth waiting for.

The next band that came on, I had heard a lot about. I heard that they are amazing live and that they put on a great show. Mae took the stage and they blew me away. As Mae performed, I looked around in the audience and could see everyone singing along to all of their songs. My favorite song that Mae performed was “Brink of Disaster.” It was one of the only songs I knew by them, but is also my favorite. When Mae left the stage, you could feel that everyone was ready for the main act, Motion City Soundtrack.

Motion City Soundtrack was a band that I have literally been waiting forever to see and they did not disappoint. This punk rock band brought one of the best live shows that I have ever seen. The whole crowd was singing along to every song whether it was new or old. The crowd even got Motion City Soundtrack to sing an old song called “Capital H.” The song was not even on their set list and they did an awesome job playing it.

The band played “Everything is Alright” and then left the stage. The crowd started chanting, “One more song” and they came back out to play an encore.

When they first got back out, Justin Pierre, the lead singer, showed off his dancing moves. Shortly after, the band closed out the show and it was time to head back to campus.

This concert is one of the best I have ever been to and if I was given the chance to see these bands again I would definitely go to see them.

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