Leg Up For Florida “Winter” Wear

After months of scorching heat and cranked up air conditioners, the weather has begun to change on us and the nights have become crisp and chilly. But even on the days when it’s windy and cool, here in Florida, the minute the sun begins to beam its rays, it turns warm once again. That is why, for the late fall and early winter, our wardrobes are going to have to be functional with layers that we can take off and put back on. The good thing is you can keep all your dresses, shorts and skirts from summer time, but it’s time to begin layering.

Leggings are potentially your best investment for the months to come. They are available in every store, and in possibly every color and pattern you could desire. Leggings will keep you warm on the cold nights, they are adorable with sky high heels, ballerina flats, or boots and you can wear them under your dresses or with a longer shirt. Make sure you don’t wear leggings with denim skirts; you will look like an eighth grader trying to fit the part of an “Abercrombie girl wannabe”. Also leggings that stretch all the way down to the ankles is not as flattering as those that stop at the calves. American Apparel carries over 30 colors of leggings and has patterns varying from zebra to polka dot. (Americanapparel.net; prices at about $26 and up).

Knee High Boots are warm, durable, and fashionable. They can be paired for a cold night with those leggings you just purchased or over a pair of skinny jeans. They can also come in handy to warm up your dresses and shorts. Boots can either be laid back, with an Equestrian style, or have a four inch heel for a sexy look. Black, brown, chestnut, or burgundy are all neural colors, stay away from the white looking go-go boots though. Those never look cute. Urban Outfitters carries a wide variety of boots. (Jeffrey Campbell Chunky Zip Boot $215 or Equestrienne Boot $150)

Still want to wear a dress but feel too cold in those Forever21 dresses you’ve kept around since summer? Sweater dresses are warm, sophisticated, and the perfect trade in for those sun dresses. They look great with heels and a bolero and are perfect for a night out to dinner or to the clubs. Sometimes they lack shape, so buckle a cute belt around it to add color and more style. Of course where can we find the best dresses for every season at a reasonable price? Forever21! (Knit V Neck Dress; $24.80 or Knit Sweater Dress $19.80)

A jacket can complete your outfit or completely destroy it. Since there are so many different styles and lengths out there, it is up to your own personal style what you prefer. A few tips; White and Off-White can get dirty looking and become dingy, wearing a Peacoat with argyle and pearls can become a little to matronly, and a jacket that is too large will take over your whole outfit and become distracting to the ensemble. When you don’t feel its cold enough to wear a full on coat, North Faces are always warm and every college student should pick one up. Hey, those class rooms in John Sykes are sometimes cold enough to just throw on your North Face. For other jacket options check out Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales selection, or any other department store with a wide variety.

So crank up that heat, and shop for some warmer clothes. It’s getting chilly my fellow Floridians! Don’t worry, we will be lying by the pool again soon, but for now, let’s look cute while taking a walk in the fresh air that we have.

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