UT Sox Fans Mile High After “Wicked” Series Sweep

Harry Haas

The Boston Red Sox have taken back the title of World Champions once again. Their 4-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies gave them a four-game sweep and marked their second championship in the past four years.

The campus atmosphere the next day had every member of Red Sox Nation wearing their Sox apparel. Having a high population of students from the north makes the campus a home away from home for fans.

“I’ve been walking around all day with a Red Sox shirt on and people I don’t even know are giving me high fives and everything,” said Max McAllister.

These friendly gestures were exchanged throughout the day from enthusiastic Sox fans. Immediately following the game a group of UT students marched around campus with yells and cheers of excitement. The parade Sunday night was similar to the one that marched around campus after the American League Championship Series win over the Yankees in 2004.

“I think that they are taking it a little too far,” said David Streisand. “I personally don’t care about the Sox and the herd that went around campus last night.”

Although not all students on campus are fans of baseball, other non-Red Sox fans like Paul Miranda enjoyed the victory just as much as Sox fans.

“I love the sport. It doesn’t matter who’s in it to win it,” said Miranda. “The Red Sox are doing really good. You’ve got fans that jump on the bandwagon, but then you’ve got the others.”

The Red Sox celebrated in the streets of Boston with all of their fans on Tuesday afternoon. Many fans from UT would love to participate with the festivities, but are held up by certain academic barriers.

“I live 20 minutes outside of Boston,” said Sarah Frizwell. “I wish I could go home and go to the parade tomorrow, but my mom won’t let me skip school.”

The World Series win last night marks the seventh franchise championship for the Red Sox.

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