4 Athletes, 2 Pairs, 1 Heck of a Combo

The UT women’s soccer team puts two sets of identical twins on the field: Maria (Ria) and Marissa (Rissa) Mohammed and Courtney and Brittney Evans. Ria and Courtney dish on what it is like to be a twin on the team.

How does it feel playing on the same team as your twin?

Courtney: It’s okay. I don’t know any different. I have played on the same team as Brittney all my life.

Ria: It’s definitely a comfort zone. I know how Rissa plays and she knows how I play.

Is it hard for other people to tell you guys apart?

Courtney: It is getting harder and harder for other people to not be able to tell us apart.

Ria: When we were younger it was a lot easier. Now we look different.

Is it true you can read each other’s minds?

Courtney: I can only read Ria’s mind. Is that weird?

Ria: No, but sometimes Rissa and I wake up and put on the same outfit without even realizing it.

I hear you guys all have matching tattoos

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