Guidance for the Fashion Fanatics

In my opinion, the splendor of the fashion world is that everyone has their own style and that people dress a certain way to express the ideas they have surrounding their image. I don’t believe fashion should have rules and regulations but sometimes we all need a little guidance and that extra push to get rid of the comforts of our old clothes and feel fresh and rejuvenated with new styles. If your reading this article and you happen to find yourself committing a fashion faux paw, don’t panic! We all make mistakes and luckily fashion mistakes are easy to fix. Your new motto should be “out with the old, and in with the new!”C’mon people, we’re starting a new school year, so it’s the perfect time to accept that your fashion may not be up to par with the rest of your classmates.

Neon and Plastic Jewelry

Sometimes I will look at a girl and wonder to myself, why spend money on cheap jewelry that looks cheap as opposed to cheap jewelry that looks expensive. What is attractive about neon yellow star earrings that look like they should be put on with a pair of go-go boots and a hot pink wig?

You may laugh but you walk around campus and it appears as if half the girls have bought out the clearance buckets at Claire’s. I am here to warn you that those “cute” plastic ball necklaces may not be as cute as they appear. If you prefer chunky jewelry, go for something wooden or metallic. A wooden bangle with carvings has more sexiness, culture, and style to it than a hot pink bangle with polka dots on it. Trust me, if you keep wearing plastic neon jewelry you will soon feel like an eight year old pretending to be eighteen again. The only difference is it’s just not cute anymore.

Cut-Out One Pieces

We are in Tampa, Florida so that bathing suit you are wearing counts just as much for fashion as a pair of designer jeans. Don’t make the mistake of following the Hollywood trend and sporting a one piece that resembles a mean joke someone played on you. When you have two holes in a one pieces bathing suit, it just doesn’t look normal. If you aren’t sold on the idea of chucking those suits away for good, remember that they accentuate your love handles, give horrible tan lines, and you’ll look like a Paris Hilton wannabe (if those people even exist anymore). Instead, try a fashionable one piece that doesn’t have any fabric missing, or a flattering two piece that compliments you in all the right areas. For a complete list on flattering your figure check out and type in How to Choose a Flattering Swimsuit.

White Rimmed Sunglasses

The first word that comes to mind when I think of white rimmed sunglasses is cheap. I can’t figure out why Dolce and Gabbana and other designers continue to put these on the market. I never found plastic to be appealing and worth $300. The only time your allowed to wear these glasses is when your finger nails are two inches long, colored like a neon sign, and your taking a trip to Jersey. Only there will this tacky fashion mistake fit in, and that’s not such a good thing.

T-Shirts with lame logos

Okay, so the world doesn’t care if you’re a SLACKER or YOU’RE WITH STUPID. We don’t really need messages about you being sent to us via tee-shirt. Some logo’s that have meaning to them are totally cool, but poking fun of yourself and thinking you’re funny by wearing a shirt like this is so lame. Whatever happened to plain white tees, or tee shirts with wicked designs? Abercrombie and Fitch needs to re-introduce their logo tees and then half the population wouldn’t be committing this fashion faux paw.

Belts with Shirts

I think big belts that cinch the waist of a dress are adorable and durable. They give the dress shape and style. What I am terribly sick of is when big belts are worn over shirts. I don’t understand the concept of wearing a belt over a shirt when it already has shape to it. The bottom line is do not wear your belt higher than your hips when you are wearing a shirt; it looks like someone trying to reincarnate a fashion trend they saw in last year’s Vogue. This is probably the most common fashion mistake. It’s deceiving because it looks like it should be cute, but the big belts only work with the dresses.

Those are the most common fashion mistakes I have seen around campus this past week. If you see your friend wearing something that would insult the fashion world, just give her a little heads up. If we all work together, we can be a hell of a fashionable world. Check next weeks articles for tips on saving money and where to buy cute clothes for less!

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