Freshmen Make the Move to Campus Life

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Hundreds of new Spartans moved into their dorms and spent their first nights as college students this past week.

Some found themselves shocked and intimidated, yet many were surprisingly relaxed and at ease.

Andrew Bilodeau, an incoming freshman from Rhode Island, displayed signs of both feelings while buying his books Tuesday.

Bilodeau, an undecided major leaning toward business, was slightly daunted by the the load of books in his hands.

At the same time, Bilodeau has been waiting impatiently to begin his college career in Florida “I couldn’t wait to get to school,” he said.

Bilodeau’s excitement about college was echoed by many incoming freshmen, according to sophomores Nichole Ciotti and Albert Manley, who spent Tuesday on the move-in team helping freshmen with their belongings.

Ciotti was surprised by the number of questions the freshmen asked, but Manley attributes it to their enthusiasm to be in Tampa, looking for fun things to do.

This enthusiasm was also shared by the many international students in this year’s freshman class.

Ammar Lashkari, a freshman from Kuwait, gave the impression that he’s completely at ease, despite it being not only his first time moving away to college, but also his very first visit to the United States.

“It’s the same as my country – the same weather, the same commercialization,” said Lashkari. His quick adjustment mirrored the overall impressions of Ciotti and Manley, and is certainly indicative of a general adaptability that bodes well for the Class of 2011.

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