We Have No Nazis, We Have No Protest

The University of Tampa is a campus without a cause, representing a generation without a fight. There are no relevant issues to fight. The campus is handicapped-accessible ethnically diverse, gay-friendly, and open to academic debate. Hate language is discouraged while freedom of speech is protected. Tuition is expensive – but where isn’t it? There are sparsely attended clubs for everything, each one enacting minor events or fundraisers that garner little attention or attendance unless alcohol or sex is involved in some manner. Academic groups bring in speakers, some of whom are interesting enough to gather an audience, but most of whom only witness 10 or 15 people come to listen (unless professors promise extra credit to students who are present).

Yes, we are an apathetic campus and an apathetic generation because there are no issues to excite us. The days of our parents, which we hear about from them and from the media, had bold causes that could be easily understood. Civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights, free speech

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