Phifer Falls Just Short of a Noble Effort

Typically, at the end of the year, everybody writes some sort of sappy look back at the year and all the great memories they’ve had and then you think about how much fun you had, and, then, we’re all sad. Well I’m going to do that, but not really. You see I’ve had a single goal for the year and was unable to fully complete it. I believe that most people can identify with that problem.

As a resident of one of UT’s fine residence halls, I’ve noticed in my tenure here that every week there seems to be a magical fairy that goes around leaving flyers for the local clubs in her path. Last fall, I got the ingenious idea to begin collecting said flyers and attaching them to my door and see how long it would take to fill my door without repeating them. It’s been a long journey collecting this many flyers, just as this past year has been

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