NFL 2K5 Still A Favorite Among Football Lovers

“NFL 2k5” for the original Xbox is arguably THE best football game ever made.

With a starting price of 20 dollars, it was hard not to buy.

It was the last of the Sega Sports football games made because EA Games bought the rights to all of the football players’ names for “Madden.” I wonder why? I believe I know the answer:

“NFL 2k5” has the best presentation ever in a sports game because Sega Sports teamed up with ESPN to make a pre-game intro, half-time show and an end-of-the-game wrap up.

No other football game has Chris Berman talking about the highlights while using those wacky nicknames that he gives to all of the super-star players.

The only crappy thing about the character models talking is that the mouths weren’t synched to the words. It was very awkward when I first watched it.

The graphics are still entertaining.

It looks more realistic than the “Madden” that was out at the same time.

It rivals “Madden ’07” simply because of the lack of glossy lighting and reflection of the sweat.

It’s also a rarity for “2k5” to have a player run through its opponent or teammate.

Overall, the graphics in “2k5” aren’t as good as “Madden ’07,” but it gives a nice punch to its strong abs.

The sound quality is perfect. The timing of the “clank” of the equipment and the “oomf” of the players is done right.

Even though the announcers for the game may become annoying with their repetitive phrases, it’s not too much that you need to turn them completely off. They are quite funny.

The game itself is a lot of fun to play.Tapping the A button to run gives more of a feeling of running away from a defender.

The player also becomes fatigued so you can’t run fast all the time. It isn’t like a turbo button on a kid’s game.

Holding the A button lets you charge their power to make big hits on a tackle or when dropping your shoulder (especially with the unstoppable Mike Alstott).

Also, if you are not controlling a player that is defending a receiver that is thrown to, you can press the black or white buttons to have the Defensive Back try to bat the ball down or intercept it.

Since it is an older football game, it has the old interface of showing three plays to choose and pressing the corresponding button that is under the play.

It helps when you have someone looking at the plays you choose to give them a better chance to ruin your play.

This “old way of doing things” may cause some unwanted plays at first, but it will be quick to get over.

The online play isn’t what it used to be because this is an older game.

Instead of 5,000 players, there are only about 50 to 200 up at a time, but if you and a friend want to hop on, then it is lots of fun.

There isn’t much lag, and the presentation is the same minus video footage.

Pictures are shown instead of video because of the bandwidth.

It makes half-time less entertaining.

But, the game is still incredible.

“NFL 2k5” retains its glory that it did a couple of years ago. When you play it, you will see what I mean.

The rosters being very old and the few other flaws prevent it from being perfect.

But, aside from that, there is nothing to complain about.

The bottom line: “NFL 2k5” for the Xbox: 9.5/10.

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