Letter to the Editor: If You Missed Senior Cruise, It’s Your Fault!

Dear Editor:

Last week an article appeared in the Minaret entitled ‘Senior Cruise Maroons Students.’ Let me expand upon this metaphor by saying that if you consider yourself one of these ‘marooned’ seniors; it’s probably because you don’t care enough to send out an S.O.S. ‘Let someone else do it and I’ll just sit around until help arrives.’ The apathy on this campus astounds me. Everyone wants something catered to them for free without having to expend any effort. Where were all these suddenly outspoken students last semester at the senior class meetings, complete with FREE food, which boasted an average attendance of about 5 people? We discussed the senior cruise at these meetings and the few students that did attend were all in favor of it. Also, to provide another FREE event for seniors, we coordinated an, in my opinion, even better event with the Alumni Association. This event was held on the ninth floor of Vaughn the day after the cruise, Saturday April 14, and featured FREE cocktails and appetizers; not to mention a rare opportunity to meet and mingle with several UT alumni. The showing by students was dismal at best, totaling to around 20 seniors. How can an event be any easier to attend? On campus, FREE, and not during classes. What else do we have to do? Get laser team to chauffer you to Vaughn Center and back? This event was very well publicized, including an email sent to all the seniors by the office of development. If this apathetic trend continues, I think the next senior class will be lucky to have any events at all.

Miranda Peterson

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