No More Kings Singer Talks About Band Life

The band No More Kings is on the rise with one of the most unique sounds that I have heard in a long time.

The band blends an arsenal of sounds with lyrics portrayed through character perspectives. Last week, I got the chance to interview the lead singer of the band No More Kings. The easygoing, pleasant and polite Pete Mitchell took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about life, music and more.

Minaret-First off, if someone were to read this article not knowing anything about your band, how would you describe your band’s sound?

P.M.- I would say our sound is somewhere between “The Muppet Show” and a kung fu movie.

Minaret-As I read on your website, it says you were, “born in the ’70s, raised in the ’80s, and perfected in the ’90s.” What were your main musical influences when you were growing up?

P.M.- I’ve always loved Michael Jackson. I also was a fan of the bands that may seem cheesy now, like Genesis and Billy Joel.

Minaret-How did moving around so much as a child affect you and your music?

P.M.- I was always the new kid in school as far as that goes, but I was kind of like a skitzo with my music. I was around so many new things that I had to stay focused with music. I was constantly being opened to new sounds from different places.

Minaret-When you and Neil Robins started playing music together, did you know right away that music is what you wanted to do fulltime?

P.M.- Um, yes. I think it came on completely later on in life, but I knew I wanted to play music just from the feelings I got when we wrote a song and played it together.

Minaret-How does the CD art for No More Kings’ debut CD reflect your artistic nature?

P.M.- Well, the CD is character based, where the CD unwinds from characters perspectives. All the tiny drawings of characters come from watching cartoons on Saturday morning like most kids did.

Minaret-What is your favorite city thus far that you have played?

P.M.- Seattle was great, and there was a charming effect Eugene, Ore., had.

Minaret-How does your artistic nature rub off on you on stage? Does it bring life to your stage presence?

P.M.- I guess it just made me more comfortable on stage.

I never was nervous in front of people or on stage. I think my stage presence is opposite to typical visual artists. Visual artists seem to be more shy and refined, and I am really the opposite on stage.

Minaret-Obviously having the curent single “Sweep the Leg,” is going to get the most publicity, at least for now. What is the most meaningful song to you on the album and why?

P.M.-Well, two songs actually. The song entitled “This” because it is sincerely me. The whole thought process behind it is really me.

Another song is “Girl In the Sea” because it is so out there.

Minaret-What bands today do you enjoy listening to?

P.M.- I love Radiohead. Other bands like Boards of Canada and Spoon. I recently have gotten into a band called The Feeling. They’re really awesome.

Minaret-Lastly, where do you see yourself and No More Kings in 10 years?

P.M.- Well, I hope to be doing the band still and putting out more albums in a way where they show a quirky way to look at the world. I think it would be really cool to do a TV show or a movie.

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