Hair Today . . . Wig Tomorrow

“My mom’s gonna freak out when I get home,” said freshman Nicole Ackels.

She wasn’t talking about a wild night in Ybor, nor was she talking about a grade on a test. She was discussing something much more serious.

She was talking about her haircut.

On Tuesday, 23 UT students lined up to get their hair cut for the Locks of Love organization, donating 282 inches of hair overall.

“The response exceeded my expectations,” said Sara Stanko, coordinator of the event.

“I just picked up the project and ran with it,” she continued.

Those who wanted to donate were required to have at least 10 inches of non-bleached hair to snip, meaning that females were the main contributors on campus.

The hair will be used to make wigs for financially dependent children who suffer from medical baldness, according to pamphlets available at the event.

People who donated also received free styling, courtesy of Tribeca Salon.

“I get my hair cut there

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