UT Students: Wake Up!

At the University of Tampa there is a growing identity crisis. There are over 5,000 students coming from all over the globe, but it seems all the school has to show for it is some nice landscaping equipped with pretty palm trees and gardens, a pool and clubs and bars everywhere.

If you believe what was just said, you, the UT student, can be part of the solution.

UT students: there is something amazing happening right in front of your nose. This is something that can change your college experience if you would give it a chance. What is it? Sports! Our baseball team plays in a brand new stadium and just won a national championship.

One more time: the baseball team just won a national championship, and so did the volleyball team.

The stadium is half-empty for most games and the worst part is many of the fans are either older Floridians taking in a game or the opposing team’s parents. Both our women’s and men’s basketball teams are playing exciting games every time they step on the court. There are promotions going on at every game where free stuff is virtually stuffed down your throat. Where are Spartan students when games are going on?

Are you in your room playing Xbox while stuffing your mouth with cheetos? Put the controller down because you can come to a game and stuff your mouth with cheap hot dogs and delicious sausages.

Are UT ladies with their roommates browsing the new facebook hotty of the week? Turn off the computer and check out the male athletes at UT. They’re either hitting homeruns on the baseball field or running up and down the basketball court sweating.

On prime party nights are you at MacDinton’s or the Retreat when many of you complain the next day you wish more was going on? Form a group and petition the school to allow tailgating before games. The NCAA might not allow alcohol at games, but if enough people petition UT highers-up there might one day be tailgating outside the Martinez Center and baseball stadium before a big game.

You’re not being asked to go to an extra hour of bio lab. You’re not being asked to skip going to the beach all year to study from sunrise to sunset. You are being asked to come support your school and have fun doing it. UT fans: It is time to wake up. Sports are everywhere on this campus. Help solve the growing UT identity crisis. Go to TampaSpartans.com and pick an upcoming game that looks good and grab your roommates and friends.

It might change your college experience.

Jordan Chariton can be reached at jchariton@ut.edu

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