UT Responds to New Microsoft OS

Microsoft’s Windows Vista offers the first significant upgrade to the Windows OS since XP in October 2001.

“Basically, [it’s a] new version of MS OS to replace XP. It’s fairly much the same, but the big change is the user interface,” said Raymond Papp, associate professor of information and technology management. The new OS also brings fast searching, a la Spotlight for Macintosh, and instant weather updates.

How is UT receiving the upgrade?

“We’re going to wait until the first service pack comes out, and then it will be installed on school computers. We usually wait a year anyway. Right out of the box it’s never all that great,” said Sybil O’Neal, a UT technical support specialist. Students are advised to hold off on purchasing the new OS, at least for the time being.

“I wouldn’t switch to it unless the computer comes with it. I wouldn’t do an upgrade on it because it’s new, and problems come with new things,” said Anthony Georgio, a UT technical support specialist.

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