Secondary Education Majors Study at Lowry Park Zoo

Recently, students majoring in Secondary Education took a trip to Lowry Park Zoo in order to “familiarize themselves with local educational resources,” according to Department of Education Co-Chair Dr. Theoni Soublis Smyth.

“The students have to create a two week instructional unit that spans across the disciplines of math, English and social studies,” she continued. The lesson plans must meet Sunshine State Standards, which are a set of guidelines developed by the state for teachers in specific disciplines.

The students were taken on a guided tour of the zoo by Zoo Director Craig Pugh and had opportunities to interact with multiple animals, including lorikeets, giraffes, camels and a Bornean Orangutan.

“Mr. Pugh really went out of his way to support the future teachers in our community,” said Smyth. “The educational opportunities at the zoo are progressive and exciting.”

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