Wake Up Call: Peak Oil Passed

I am about to destroy all your hopes and dreams. I am about to put everything you hold dear, everything you value, love or even mildly enjoy, in jeopardy. I understand that you may not believe me – won’t want to believe me – and I expect it. Trust me, I understand.

The Oil Crash. Most of you probably haven’t heard of it. To put a very large concept simply: there is an end to oil. In fact, most sources say that world oil reserves reached their peak in 2000. There is nowhere left to go but down.

What does that have to do with you? Imagine no gas for your car. Imagine no electricity for your house. Imagine no food in the stores, no clothes, no medicine. Imagine the immobility of police and military forces, imagine the eventual collapse of communication.

Everything, everything America uses, eats, consumes and eventually discards has an oil cost. Not just your car. It costs 10 calories of fuel to transport one of food. Everything from your refrigerator, to your computer, to your clothes is constructed by oil-run and oil-reliant machines. In America, the average piece of food is transported some 1,500 miles before it gets to your stove. In Canada, around 5,000.

If you think all this is propaganda from oil companies to manufacture high prices, allow me to lay that theory to rest. Why would it be so underreported if it would serve only to profit the oil companies? In addition, the U.S. Government has been aware of the peak oil crisis since at least 1977 when the Pentagon published a paper detailing the expected dates of plateau and the expected results of such a crisis. In 1982 the State Department released its own follow up report, hazarding that “

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