Swim Teams Drown Principia

Head coach Ed Brennan sees swimming as a concise sport. There is very little chance or luck involved. If that’s the case, then there was no doubt who the better team was this weekend.

On Friday, Dec. 1, the men’s and women’s swim teams easily defeated the Principia College Panthers.

The men won by a score of 127-72, and the women finished with a 127-92 victory. It was the third straight victory for the women, while the men rebounded from a Nov. 11 loss to Indian River Community College with back-to-back wins.

“We did pretty good,” said freshman Jessie Bardin. “It was a great team effort.”

Bardin continued her standout season for the women’s team. She finished with victories in the 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle and 1,000 freestyle. Among the other women swimmers with first-place finishes were Katie Shald, Julie Gauvin, Susanna Ashley and Madison Flake.

The men’s team shared similar dominance. Captain Kyle Merritt pulled out first-place honors in the 100 yard backstroke.

He finished at 53.48, four seconds ahead of teammate Greg Cerrato. Cerrato would later win the 100 freestyle. Blaine Bess won both the 200 freestyle and 200 butterfly. Tyler Furrer also had two victories, winning the 500 and 1,000 freestyle.

Other men winners were Charlie Berge and Kyle Treen.

Both teams won the 200 medley relay. The women’s team that featured Allison Vetter, Mariesa Hardin, Susanna Ashley and Diana Mielke finished with a time of 1:54.55, while Cerrato, Berge, Daniel Fernandez and Dewey Destin of the men’s team had a 1:41.56 race time.

The victory was an easy one for Tampa, but they maintained a level of respect for their opponent

“There was a display of good sportsmanship on both sides,” said senior Meghann Mulbarger.

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