UT’s Art Faculty Displays Magnificent Art Pieces

Julie Hendrix

On Oct. 20 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., I had the opportunity to see UT’s fine arts faculty display their magnificent works. I arrived at the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery in the Bailey Arts Studio about 7:00 p.m, just in time for the gallery’s opening. As I began to look at the art works, right away one of them caught my eye. The painting took up approximately 50 feet of space across the wall. It is called “Priapism,” by Chad Abel. The painting was done with oil, acrylic and ink on a panel. Throughout the painting I continuously noticed fountain-like figures. For example, a man bent down on his knee with a rifle in his hand and liquid pouring out of it. There were other figures in the painting that were performing a similar action. Unfortunately, there are too many interesting things to say about this painting. For one to really understand it, one would have to go to the gallery and see it for themselves.

I also saw a unique painting done by Catherine Chastain-Elliott titled “Greg II.” It is done in mixed media. The texture of it is brilliant and it looks as though a vacuum is sucking the paint off of it.

I also had the opportunity to speak to one of UT’s faculty members about one of their paintings. Doug Sutherland did a painting titled “More Than Seven.” It is displayed on a unique wooden frame. He said he was “thinking of getting ready for a show in L.A” when he painted this. He was also inspired by William Hartnett, “who is famous for fooling the eye in still life.” The title of Professor Sutherland’s work was inspired by his past residency in California. There was a earthquake which damaged the school he used to teach at, California State University Northridge, and FEMA said the earthquake was “more than seven” on the Richter scale. Professor Sutherland said the only thing that he owned that got damaged was a pink flamingo, which only received a small crack. Also, if you look at his painting, you notice that it displays a melting pot of different cultures. All the objects in the painting have significant meaning. The fan, the Chinese persons, American money and the flamingo; they all relate to Professor Sutherland’s life. This is because he is an American married to a Chinese woman. Overall, it is a beautiful painting.

There are so many other art works that I have not mentioned. Come see this exhibit free of charge. It was well-planned and put together. The exhibit will continue to show through Nov. 30 in the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery art the Bailey Arts Studio.

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