The Departed : The Suspense Never Ends

I hadn’t planned on seeing “The Departed.” I am not much of a mafia/gangster movie kind-of-girl. However, what girl would pass up the chance to eat popcorn and watch Leonard DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg run around together?

“The Departed,” directed by Martin Scorsese, is a twisted cop thriller that revolves around two new cops, Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio), an undercover agent inside the Irish Mafia, and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), a mole for the Irish Mafia, inside the police department. This movie is great! Not once for the two and a half hours was there a break, and I loved it. The movie follows numerous characters all of which lie, cheat, steal, kill and are untrustworthy! Every single character is put under some sort of suspicion. Just when you think you have it figured out, they spring one more thing upon you.

The whole basis of this movie is that the Massachusetts State Police is trying to build a case against Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), the leader of the Irish Mafia. To do this, they send in Billy Costigan, a poor guy with a family past chock full of criminals. Costigan must entwine himself with the Irish Mafia and report back to his bosses Queenan (Martin Sheen) and Dignam (Mark Wahlberg).

To make matters worst, the state police department also hires Sullivan (Damon) to join the team that is not so subtly investigating Costello. We know right from the start where this character stands as he has grown up with Costello and has been taught to deceive from the get-go. Throughout the movie, Sullivan gives hints and tips to Costello to avoid being caught soon enough, the department realizes they have a mole and sets up a committee to investigate this. Of course, Sullivan is the one to head the team and ends up leading the entire department on a wild goose chase to find the elusive mole.

The movie is violent, profanity ridden and fantastic. It’s dramatic, funny as hell and extremely suspenseful. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and found myself yelling at the screen during the most dramatic scenes. The cast of this movie is amazing, each actor played his character like they were born to do it. Go see this movie. You will love it.

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