A Chance to Give A Little Bit Back

Opportunity is a word that people often say but seldom stop to think about its meaning. An opportunity is often that critical foot-in-the-door, a valuable contact on the inside or perhaps a seemingly-humble bit of mail.

For many, opportunities are limited by financial reach. This is why the Senior Giving Committee is asking the class of 2006 to consider UT’s future and the future of students who have yet to graduate by making a pledge of $20.06 to the University of Tampa. Students who wish to donate can do so over a two year period.

The donations themselves will be pooled to form a scholarship that will be named after the Class of 2006. The scholarship will go to a student who has maintained a 3.0 GPA and demonstrated high school or college leadership. The scholarship is available to all UT students, including incoming freshmen.

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