Day: April 20, 2006

Last Chance to Catch Falk’s “Baby”

Maltby and Shire’s “Baby” has a little something for audiences of every age to enjoy. The characters are so easy to identify with, you will find yourself experiencing their ups and downs as this tale of love and life unfolds. In this story of romance and comedy, three couples on a college campus find that they are expecting a new edition to their families.

Dali Museum Features Famous Modern Art Marvels

Many college students don’t have the time necessary to appreciate an art museum. Others might not want to waste their time browsing through paintings that might not make sense. The Salvador Dali museum is usually the center of Surrealism (A movement started by Salvador Dali himself which is characterized by strange figures, deep hidden meanings and mostly inspired by dreams and all things unrealistic).

Scary Movie 4: Frightfully Funny

If you’ve got $6.50 burning a hole in your pocket like I do, you might find yourself at Channelside on a Friday night watching a movie. This past Friday there was a plethora of movies to choose from: the critically acclaimed Spike Lee joint, “Inside Man,” the action packed “Lucky Number Slevin” or the box office giant “Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

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