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Trump sued by former staffer over sexual misconduct

By Francisco Navarro Since President Donald Trump came into office, he has denied dozens of sexual harassment allegations, disregarding  them as false claims and lies. It’s time to open our eyes as a nation and act upon this misconduct. A former Trump campaign staffer, Alva Johnson, has rightfully filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Trump. […]

Empowering women: Trinidad’s female president

By INDIRA MOOSAI Retired judge Paula Mae Weekes was sworn in as Trinidad’s first female president on March 19. Weekes is well trained with the law, with over 10 years of experience in both private and public spheres, such as the Criminal Division of Trinidad’s High Court and the Court of Appeal. In her inauguration […]

Gender Jamble: Boy scouts now accepting girls

By ANA MEJIA This is a time when society is all about inclusion and equality. One of the nation’s largest youth development organizations, the Boy Scouts of America, has announced they are accepting girls to join Cub Scouts. Older girls will be eligible to earn the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. The scouting board of […]

Equality rising: Saudi women allowed to drive

By CLAUDIA RIVERA Confined by the harsh restrictions implemented by the government, Saudi Arabian women are seeing some progress on the women’s right front. This past September, the “ultraconservative kingdom” decided to lift the ban on female drivers, a measure that will take effect June 2018. It is the simple things that women in Saudi […]

Gina Duncan delivers transgender equality speech

by CLAUDIA GUERRERO UT hosted Gina Duncan, Equality Florida’s director of transgender equality, for an honors symposium on Wednesday, Sept. 27. A couple dozen students poured into UT’s Grand Salon in Plant Hall and for 45 minutes, Duncan talked about issues facing the transgender community today. Duncan touched on bathroom policies and the recent transgender […]

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