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Harry Potter Fans Rejoice for Fantastic Beasts

By ADELINE DAVIS After over a decade of gracing pages and screens with his adventures, Harry Potter’s journey ended in 2011 with him sending his youngest son, Albus, off to The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though Harry’s story has come to a close, the wizarding world lives on, making 2016 a big year […]

Netflix Guru: Inspiration in Desperation

By ADELINE DAVIS Sagging eye bags, sweatshirts and unwashed hair are uncanny symptoms of pre-midterm week. During this stressful time, Netflix can be the remedy to all problems. These motivational films will ease deadline panicking. Good Will Hunting: Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a poor 20-year-old from the south side of Boston, is a hidden genius. […]

UT Actress Strives for Connection

By ADELINE DAVIS Connection. This is what Amanda Franz, a senior theater major, craves when she performs. For her, the stage provides an escape. Franz has performed in over 20 shows and crafted her life around this passion, making her first escape at 6 years-old with an oversized pair of shoes. It was the night […]

Netlfix Guru: Not All Disney Films Stuck in Vault

By ADELINE DAVIS Back in May, the public went crazy when Netflix announced they would stream the latest Disney movies in September. Unfortunately, this message was interpreted to mean Netflix would be making all the Disney films available. This is not the case. Netflix only plans to put up the newest Disney films hitting the […]

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