The Eras Tour (Movie Version) 

By Samantha Relkin

During Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour shows in Lost Angeles, fans were quick to notice additional cameras surrounding the stage. Since the shows in early August fans were speculating on social media that Swift was planning on releasing the film.  

On September 26th the Swiftie Sleuths were once again proven correct as the popstar announced her film on Twitter. Demand for tickets was so high that the film was opened a day early, as well as additional dates added after opening weekend.  

With its release spanning across 100 countries, the film dominated the box offices this past weekend. In the United States and Canada alone, the film accumulated over $92 million making it the highest-grossing domestic film tour. Dethroning “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” position which has been held since 2011.  

The 2 hours and 49-minute film is just shy of her 3 hour and 15-minute setlist as some songs were cutout. That didn’t stop fans from singing along to the film and treating it like an actual concert. 

Dressing up as different eras and sporting a variety of Taylor Swift themed outfits, fans sang their hearts out at the film. When I went, you could hear fans singing along from outside their assigned theater.  

While waiting for theater 13 to open, my friends and I sat on a bench outside one of the theaters and listened to fans singing along. Fans of all ages, there was a newborn in front of me at my showing, sat in the theater embracing the close-up view. 

The film was certainly unique, especially in comparison to “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” that ran for half the time of Swift’s film. It gave fans who were unable to go to the concert the ability to see it minus a few elements.  

With a shortened film comes a shortened setlist. The cut songs included “The Archer”, “no body no crime”, “Long Live”, “Wildest Dreams”, and “cardigan”. Fans were fortunate to get the surprise songs of LA Night 2, which is when the film takes place.  

It was disappointing that some songs got cut but it was a long film, and I can see why they decided to make the cut. One of my favorite parts of the film wasn’t during the performance but during the end credits.  

After the credits rolled in, friendship bracelets flashed on the screen with a message from Swift stating: “Thank you to the most generous, thoughtful, loving fans on the planet. This is all because of you and for you”. The message is sweet, but my favorite part is how she brought in the friendship bracelets.  

I think the bracelets were, and continue to be, a large part of uniting the crowd at her tour. People would stand outside to make bracelets together, approach random people at the show, trade bracelets, and just bond over them. The way she used the bracelets in the film was not only smart on her part, but honestly kind of beautiful and poetic as well.  

The film was a wonderful idea as it also gave everyone who can’t see her in person the opportunity to still see the concert and get to experience the show. With most people in the audience singing and dancing along, it really does feel like you’re at the concert.  

I’m excited to see what surprises she has in store for the international dates as well as the second US leg. I recommend seeing the show if you like her music and the concert feeling in general, but with a less overwhelming environment.  

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