Paris Fashion Week: Full of Iconic Looks and a Beauty Revolution

By Olivia Fleming

This year’s Paris Fashion Week took place from Sept. 25 to Oct. 3. The iconic show featured a handful of designers in the high fashion industry showcasing their brilliant creations.

Many people watch the show to see what styles will be trending in the upcoming seasons, but I watch it primarily for the celebrities attending. Designers from around the world come together to flaunt their newest designs and celebrities are often invited to the shows throughout the week.

Following their appearances during the week, Zendaya, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Alix Earle, and Pamela Anderson generated a lot of media attention.

Alix Earle is a very popular name right now. Earle was a recent graduate of The University of Miami and gained recognition for her TikToks. She recently signed a deal to work alongside Alex Cooper, a podcasting icon, to create weekly podcast episodes as a part of her deal with The Unwell Network, adhering mostly to Gen Z audiences.

Earle looked chic in attendance at her first Paris Fashion Week dressed head to toe in Miu Miu. Miu Miu has been around since 1992 but has been gaining more publicity in the fashion industry in recent days. The Italian high fashion brand is the sister label to the well-known brand, Prada. Earle wore neutrals with layered oversized outerwear over a basic white t-shirt.

“Miu Miu was also a really popular show this year,” said The University of Miami student, Kirsten Greene. “Mostly in relation to influencer Alix Earle who was in attendance looking super chic and classy.”

Zendaya was seen wearing a gorgeous white gown with gold zipper detailing. The actress looked absolutely stunning as the dress hugged her body in all the right ways. The Louis Vuitton show could not have been complete without Zendaya who was referred to as the star of the show. Keeping with the glamorous look she wore, the actress wore shimmery, bronzed eye makeup and her hair was styled long and smooth.

A mixture of looks was seen on Paris Hilton throughout the week, starting with a bright Barbie pink chic dress and her platinum blonde hair pulled up into a high ponytail, and finishing with a sparkly gray dress. Hilton was seen alongside her younger sister, Nicky who wore similar looks to Paris. Dressed in glamorous outfits, the dynamic pair complimented one another.

Pamela Anderson decided to opt for a no-makeup look throughout the week. Since Anderson’s Netflix documentary titled, “Pamela, A Love Story,” was released last January, she has decided to embrace a new look and era of her life. She is accepting the fact that she is aging and her skin and body don’t look the way they did when she was younger.

“I absolutely loved Pamela Anderson’s no makeup look and feel it’s a real game changer,” said Greene. “It showed females watching that you should feel comfortable in your own skin and that you don’t need pounds of makeup to go out in public.

Anderson’s makeup-free look has been described as a “movement” in the media. In the fashion and beauty industry, she is recognized as a symbol of beauty and elegance. Pamela is known for her big bouncy blowout, dramatic dark eye makeup and her signature penciled-on skinny eyebrows. Since the 90’s she’s perfected the look and modernized it but in recent days Anderson has been seen going barefaced.

Stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Scarlett Johansson praised Anderson for her confidence and the message she sent by attending such a big event makeup-free.

The 56-year-old star wrote on Instagram how free she feels going out in public as her true self. Anderson wrote, “There is beauty in self-acceptance, imperfection and love.”

Jamie Lee Curtis referred to her act of courage as a “natural beauty revolution.” Anderson felt that she didn’t want to compete with the beautiful clothing that she was wearing which is why she decided to go for a more natural look. Even though she was fresh-faced she still looked as beautiful as ever, wearing her hair air-dried and skin glowing with moisturizer.

During her documentary, she also sported a natural look, claiming that she had been told how to look throughout her career and now is taking back her identity.

Anderson has referred to her new look as fun and freeing. Her makeup artist, Alexis Vogel died from breast cancer in 2019 and since then Anderson has felt she should go without wearing makeup. Together Vogel and Anderson created the iconic makeup look that society still recreates today. They worked together from Anderson’s earliest days in her career.

It was interesting to hear that Anderson had no intentions of going bare-faced to Paris Fashion Week, and the idea came to her as she was getting ready and trying on the clothes. 

“I’m not trying to be the prettiest girl in the room,”said Anderson in a video with Vogue.“I feel like it’s just freedom. It’s a release.” 

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