Fall Fashion

By Charles William King 

Fashion, quite like the feeling of life is cyclical, seasons change and with that comes the universal feeling of wanting to gut out your wardrobe; unless of course you are one of the many souls on this campus who find comfort in a hoodie and sweats than all the more power to you I suppose. But as for the rest of us we must know the hottest trends for this fall.  

The Fall 2023 Runways collections have, in my opinion, been rather simple in composition as shown by the collections by Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu, and Loewe. Designers have characterized this season’s trends by blending classic and contemporary elements that plot to make this Autumn catwalks feel just a bit more human. As step into the cooler months here are some of the trends you should expect to dominate the fashion scene.  

Texture Play 

Fall 2023 is all about mixing and matching textures, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Faux fur, leather, velvet and wool have been a few of the many textures featured. A seemingly standout texture trend many cannot get enough of is lace. The revitalization of lace evokes romantic lingerie inspired species that encompass a feminine aesthetic from coquette to femme fatale. Frilly lace has been spotted on the runway at Gucci, Khaite, and the contouring corsets of Tory Burch. By far my favorite texture trend happens to be denim on denim, it is the trend that keeps on giving. To update this seemingly everlasting trend trade in summer’s light-wash for a darker wash. Something about denim for me feels so raw and americana, as this a trend which we have seen recycled throughout the years. So when all of the mixing and matching of textures and patterns fails, I say denim on denim is the hero for this fall’s wardrobe.  

Statement Outerwear  

It is nothing less than typical for coats and jackets to take center stage for this season. Be sure to keep in mind the desire for unique silhouettes like a synched waist jacket or a dramatically oversized collar and to dabble in the art of layering: think light sweaters, vests, and long cardigans. For those who fear taking huge risks to achieve a seemingly pleasant silhouette, do not stress as statement outerwear can be something as easy a tailored looking leather jacket (my advice would be in a hue of latte) or a timeless trench coat (think Burberry). With the trend of statement outerwear being very prevalent do not shy from fun patterns such as maximalist prints, abiding metallics, pinstripes, dark florals, and/or whatever it is that may resonate with your personal style.  

Elevated Basics  

If Miu Miu’s FW23 runway teaches you anything let it be to not shy from being basic. Nothing can be more tasteful and eye catching than a quietly luxurious wardrobe piece.  Think cashmere cardigans, oversized cable knit sweaters, and the poetic sophistication of a vintage luxe cape. Think old school, look towards designers like Ralph Lauren, Burberry and even Stella McCartney when looking for this season’s perfect chunky knit piece. Another way we are seeing elevated basics is through synched blazers and the undying ankle skimming maxi skirts. Both capsule pieces to have in a wardrobe and pieces one can age with as they always cycle back. I am a personally guilty of throwing a blazer over just about any outfit.  


Like about every other normal fashion enthusiast, I have a thing for shoes. This season’s shoes all have stood to me and trust me designers brought a variety; from knee-high boots to ballet or fancy flats, mary janes, and both kickstand and kitten heels to name just a few. Although flats may be super comfortable and have been vogue, there is nothing quite as powerful as a sleek slingback as a woman is offered the power of pump without sacrificing comfort. The resurgence of black leather slingbacks is perhaps my most favored of the many shoes trends this season and in my humble opinion I feel she will stick around as can be translated to not only casual, formal and everything in between but to every season as well.  


Last but certainly not least is the sudden appearance of red on about every collection. Red is truly the new black and the color in my eyes has deemed itself the accessory of the season. Every now and then I can get really into a pop of color mixed into everyday wear. With that said, notable mentions are that red was incorporated at Loewe, The Row, and Prada. Cherry red handbags, red leather, red shoes, red knitwear, anything red you find you can style this season. If you don’t believe me, just know cherry red accents went up by 280% in popularity just this past week. Even Experts say red is a color that evokes confidence so in my personal opinion this is a trend I love and will applaud you for partaking in.  

With all this in mind remember fashion is meant to be personal and is highly subjective, it is about expressing yourself. Fall 2023 offers a range of options so allow yourself to experiment with these trends to best fit your individuality and create a wardrobe that aligns with your preferences and personality.  

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