With Halloween Just Around the Corner, What Movies Should You Watch if You Are Scared of Horror Films?

By Natalie Soldatova

The fall season is one of my favorites. Where I am from, the Czech Republic, I used to love dressing up in cozy and stylish fall outfits with boots and coats. I can’t really wear that anymore here in Florida since it is too hot for these kinds of outfits. However, there were some days during the Fall season when the temperature got a bit colder, so I had the chance to take some sweaters out of my closet for a moment. After school or over the weekend, I would usually end up on the couch drinking hot chocolate or tea, while reading or watching some fall-themed movies.

I am personally not a fan of scary or horror movies, which is a typical movie genre for the Halloween season. I decided to give an actual horror movie a try once with my friends, but after the first ten minutes, I could not watch it anymore. Some would say “it is not that scary“ but I’m the type of person who just can’t get over the fear while watching horror movies. 

If you are like me, there are still many other movies that can give you the Halloween feeling and enjoy it without having to hide under a blanket with lights on.

Back to the Disney Channel era, a movie called “Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire“ was one of my favorites. The movie is about two siblings who have a suspicious feeling about a man that takes their mom on a date. They believe he is a vampire and want to get their mom away from him before it is too late. 

If you want to watch something that is still a little scary but you also want to laugh, Scary Movie should be on your list. I remember watching this a long time ago and despite its title, which I assumed would be scary, this movie is more on the comedic side. There are about five Scary Movies in total and are also considered to be parodies of the actual horror films, so if you don’t want to watch those and have some laughs, Scary Movie is a good choice.

For fans of romantic movies, Twilight is a great film to watch during the Halloween season. It has vampires and werewolves which belong to the spooky season. Also with the location where the movie is set, the rainy and foggy weather adds to the Halloween season feeling. I would also recommend the Vampire Diaries TV show. Great for some drama, mystery and romance. 

A movie with Meryl Streep “Death Becomes Her“ is a dark comedy about two women who find out about a magical drink that will make them immortal. The film is a comedic satire that shows how they have to deal with the physical and emotional challenges of living together. This movie will make you laugh but also give you the Halloween feeling.

If you like the haunted house-themed film, the movie “The Haunted Mansion“ with Eddie Murphy is a great choice for a spooky adventure that is also a comedy with supernatural elements. Eddie Murphy is a real estate agent who gets trapped in a haunted mansion with his family during a business trip. 

There are definitely more Halloween-themed movies and actual horror films for those who are brave enough and not scared to be scared! However, I will probably stick to these less scary movies during the spooky season.

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