Beyond ‘The Eras Tour’: The Rise of Nostalgic Concert Experiences

By Samantha Relkin 

It’s no secret that the hottest concert ticket right now is forTaylor Swift’s, “The Eras Tour.” The tour sold out stadiums across the United States and took the world by storm by going international starting in August 2023.  

The success of “The Eras Tour” has led other bands and artists to create their own version of the tour. This includes none other than Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, and his band with two of his brothers. 

The Jonas Brothers are currently on their tour entitled, “The Tour,” where they are performing songs they have never sung live before. In the advertisement for the tour, they say that they are playing all five of their albums in one night, making for the ultimate throwback concert. 

Selling out their one night only at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York there was quickly a second night added. This success led to the addition of multiple dates, transforming it into a tour that is consistently promoted as featuring all five albums performed in a single night. Jonas Brothersfans on Twitter swiftly noted that certain albums had never been performed live, and when the setlist was unveiled, it included songs that had also never graced the live stage before.

Besides their tour, the Jonas Brothers wasted no time in announcing a week on Broadway following the Ticketmaster mishap with “The Eras Tour” tickets. During this special week, they dedicated one night to each of their albums, including a sneak peek of their upcoming release titled, “The Album.”

However, the Jonas Brothers aren’t the only ones performing songs from each of their albums. As they embark on “The 5 Seconds of Summer Show” tour, the Australian sensations referred to as 5SOS are delighting fans with songs they haven’t performed in years.

5SOS, with five albums in their repertoire, are slowly dropping new music from their latest release during the “Take My Hand World Tour.” The band has been around since 2011 with great songs that haven’t been performed in years and some never heard live.  Throughout their tour, they create an electrifying experience by performing a blend of tracks from their entire discography, catering to fans who have been loyal listeners since the band formed. Adding an element of excitement, each show includes the selection of a surprise song using giant inflatable dice.

Similar to how Taylor Swift performs two surprise songs that are not on the set list each concert, 5SOS lets the fans get involved in deciding which song they perform. The song options span from their YouTube days to Madison Square Garden, with plenty of unavailable U.S. throwbacks on their setlist.

With the success of “The Eras Tour,” both domestically and internationally, it’s likely that these are not the last of nostalgic concerts we will see. These tours are bringing in millions of dollars for each of these artists. 

When it comes to these tours, you can’t forget the dressing up element either. Fans have been dressing up to attend concerts for years, but now they’re doing it for their favorite decade. It was first thought that the phenomenon of eras dress up was reserved for Taylor Swift, but not anymore. Those attending the Jonas Brothers, as well as 5SOS’s tours, are dressing up to match the nostalgia of the performances as well.  

The massive success of these tours leaves fans craving the nostalgic feeling they get while in attendance. It doesn’t seem like these types of concerts are going away any time soon.  

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