New Clubs on Campus this Fall Semester

By Ana Ortiz 

As a new semester begins, the University of Tampa is renewing and creating clubs to help students explore their different passions. The location and weather of the campus make it the perfect opportunity for students to appreciate the outdoors and the activities that come with it. 

For starters, the Photography Club is being renewed by Daniela Garcia as President. 

“Our first event is going to be on September 15th. It’s going to be a profile picture event on the riverwalk. We’re going to meet in Plant Hall to take profile pictures” said Garcia. 

If photography is an interest of yours and you would like to expand your experience in a welcoming and warm atmosphere while building your portfolio then this is the opportunity for you.

 “We’re trying to have all of our events have a space for people to take their own pictures and possibly come up with a personal portfolio,” said Garcia. 

You don’t have to be an art major, a film major, etc. in order to join the club, “Most of the friends that have joined the club are business majors; we’re trying to use them for headshots for their LinkedIn, etc.” said Garcia. 

To stay up to date with their latest events follow their instagram, @utampaphotoclub. 

On the other hand, if you are a student who is interested in the outdoors and exercise, then stay tuned for the Sustainable Cyclers club.

 “I am most excited for group bicycle outings so students can get to know each other during a low impact bicycle ride, and the opportunity to have a moment with nature to escape the bustle of school,” said Grace Magnacca, tentative President.

No bike? No problem.

 “I am also excited to be part of restarting the rent-a-bike program, which makes bicycles accessible to all UT students,” said Magnacca. In case you are worried about not knowing how to ride a bike “​​no worries, we will implement workshops to teach you”. 

Students who are passionate about maintaining a sustainable environment should also be interested in joining. 

“This club is dedicated to promoting sustainable transit on campus, so if you’re interested in discussing topics related to the environment or implementing sustainable lifestyle habits, this club is for you,” said Magnacca. 

This club is yet to be established on the platform InvolveUT, however, you can stay in contact with Grace Magnacca via email for the latest updates. 

Lastly, if you want to be part of a welcoming community where you can learn about different cultures, then the International Student Association is perfect for you. The President, Adriana Banuelos, is excited to introduce the new activities this semester, “We are planning at least one big event each month, where each will be themed according to the respective international holiday.” 

As each month will be themed differently, the upcoming months look as follows, “In September, we plan on having a big party for Hispanic Heritage Month with other international student organizations. For October, we want to make a Día de los Muertos themed event and a Halloween Horror Nights Trip for October. Lastly in November, we want to make a Diwali celebration along with a sports competition,” said Banuelos. 

Being an international student can be hard to feel at home. Therefore, the I.S.A. ‘s main goal is to “acknowledge the challenges of moving away from home and so, it aims to make international students’ time at UT more enjoyable,” said Banuelos. 

In addition, being a part of the club could help with resume building. 

“We also encourage anybody to help with our activities by volunteering, so they can also gain experience from this organization,” said Banuelos. “We will also be on the lookout for important executive position candidates, which is an amazing opportunity for international students to build their resume at UT.” 

For their latest update on their upcoming events, check out their instagram, @insa_utampa. 

A new beginning to the semester can mean new opportunities for you to get involved, meet new people, and have some fun along the way. Don’t forget to take a look at InvolveUT to sign up and find the best club for you.

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