Netflix’s The Ultimatum Pushes Love to the Next Level

By Sam Ryan

Netflix recently came out with a new reality show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, and boy is it dramatic. Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this reality drama as they encourage couples to put their love to the test while having encounters with other potential matches.

This social experiment pushes love, romance, and relationships to the next level. The point of the show is simple. One partner in the relationship is ready for marriage, and the other not so much. The uninterested are given an ultimatum; marry someone at the end of this experience, or leave with someone else. They want to test their partner to see if they just aren’t ready for marriage or aren’t ready to marry them.  

Single men and women are given a week to date and get to know one another. At the end of the week, they each choose a new partner whom they will move in with for three weeks to test if it could really work in the real world. After the three weeks are up, they spend another three weeks with their original partner.

I know, talk about a rollercoaster of emotion and temptations. They will then have to choose at the end of the experience whether they will marry the person they arrived with or split up forever.        

I know what you might be thinking; is watching the love of your life date someone else worth it? Well, many of the women feel the same way only a few days into the experience.

 “I definitely thought giving Jake the ultimatum would bring us together. It is doing the complete opposite,” said April, a contestant on the show after her ‘ex’ boyfriend Jake connected with a new girl, Rae, on the very first day of the experiment. He told April that Rae “checks every single one of his boxes.”

Though it may have taken a turn for the worst for Jake and April, other couples gained a sense of clarity within the week and completely changed their mind about marriage. After contestant Alexis made it known that she regretted giving the ultimatum to her boyfriend Hunter, he had a change of heart. Alexis stated she had no interest in anyone else there and couldn’t imagine living with someone besides Hunter for three weeks. Hunter then proposed on the spot, and they are happily married today.

Reality television really makes the viewers wonder if these people think this kind of social experiment would really save their relationship. Who would want to watch their significant other laugh and go on dates with someone they could possibly be compatible with? Not only do you risk losing them forever, but you must know that they are living with another person and sleeping in bed with another person.

The show seems to test if people would rather wait a few years to form a stable marriage or risk losing the connection completely for some screen time. 

I guess it may always be a mystery to us, but it does give some quality entertainment and exciting drama.

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