Trader Joe’s Offer Unique Vegan Options

By Emma Lynch

Ever since moving to a city with a Trader Joe’s, it has been quick to climb to the top of my list. I’m someone who favors a variety of different grocery stores for different reasons. Trader Joe’s has so many vegan options that are unique and vary from the options offered at other stores. Whether it be meatless chicken nuggets, vegan dips, or simply dairy-free mozzarella, Trader Joe’s has it all. 

Vegan Cookies & Creme Vanilla Bean Bon Bons

Vegan ice cream is often hard to master. Sometimes the texture is off or too icy and other times the non-dairy milk flavor overpowers. The trader Joe’s vegan cookies & cream vanilla bean bon bons, however, rise above many other kinds I’ve had. They are a quick two-bite snack that will easily cure that after dinner sweet craving. They are comparable to the satisfaction you feel from eating an ice-cream sandwich, for reference. 

Thai Vegetable Gyoza

These have by far been one of my favorites since my first Trader Joe’s trip. The gyoza includes mixed vegetables like carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic, ginger, radish, and more. They take no more than ten minutes to cook and are great to pair with rice or other bowl bases. I usually enjoyed them with rice, edamame, and sriracha but they pair well with a variety of foods. 

Organic Teriyaki Baked Tofu

I have lived a vegan lifestyle for quite some time now, but it took me an extremely long time to appreciate tofu. The biggest change I’ve made is I now buy tofu that is already pressed and flavored. This is a game changer, let me tell you. Because there is no water left and it has been soaking in the flavor, it’s much easier to cook without being soggy or flavorless. I usually get sriracha or teriyaki flavors but I wouldn’t say the flavor is palette specific. I usually season it as I please and pair it with any meal. I use this tofu on bowls, salads, and even just on its own. 

Green Goddess Salad Dressing

Finding a universal salad dressing can often be difficult, especially when seeking out a vegan one. This is more than just a dressing; it’s a dip, dressing, and bowl topping all in one. It’s made of avocado, green onion, lemon, chives, basil, and garlic. The simplicity of this mix of different ingredients allows for you to use the dressing in any way you desire which is great for getting more use out of it. As someone who lives alone, it’s hard to use up all my groceries before they go bad. With this dressing, I can spice up so many of my meals each day while also getting my greens in.

Dairy-Free Mozzarella Style Shreds

Vegan cheese tends to be controversial, and coming from a vegan, I’d say it’s a fair point. Many brands tend to be chewy, slimy, and don’t melt. Although, I’m pretty impressed with this new cheese that was recently released. I used it on pesto pizza the other night and was content with the overall experience. It had a good flavor and melted fairly well. Cashew based cheeses tend to be some of my favorites as they seem to be the most comparable to dairy cheese.

These items barely scratch the surface of Trader Joe’s amazing vegan options but these are some of my current favorites that I’ve been loving a little extra recently. I recommend everyone check out these foods along with everything else the store has to offer.

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