Moving Back Home After Graduation: Is it the Right Step?

By Sam Ryan

Graduating from college is full of different emotions. Saying goodbye to the campus you have grown on for four years and stepping into the real world can be intimidating. Finding out where you want to live, having to apply for jobs, and finding your place can be difficult to do alone and independence is a scary thing. Although many think it is go-go-go after graduation, the time is yours.

As many moved far away from their hometown for college, knowing where you’ll go after you graduate is a challenge many face as graduation approaches. College is a place where people experience a lot of firsts. First time being on your own, first-time experiencing heartbreak, first time failing a class, first time really accepting and learning who you are. For some, college was where they became and grew into the person they are today, and moving back home may feel like taking a step back.

Though there are many different pros and cons about moving back home after graduation, there are pros that stand out. After four years of late-night studying, brutal hangovers, and mixed emotions, college can be a burnout. For some, four years is enough and going back home is exactly what they need.

There is not a rule book that states you have to be independent, and you have to get a job immediately after you graduate. Though, a lot of people feel this pressure to begin their life the second they receive their diploma. Moving back home gives you a sense of security again. You get some time to map out what you truly want to do, while you’re surrounded by the family you’ve been away from for the past four years. Navigating the real world can be super intimidating, especially navigating it alone. Moving home gives you the opportunity to have support from family, gives you extra time to become financially responsible, and allows you to picture life in your hometown, now as a grad.

Although some feel a sense of security moving back home, others feel the opposite. Many may feel that moving back into the house they grew up in, feels like a step back. I think it is normal to feel that way. Living far away from home for four years and learning all about yourself and independence to ultimately go back to where you started can feel defeating.

Moving back in with your parents is something everyone feels differently about. The most important thing when considering what step to take after graduation is what will be best for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You just graduated from college! If moving back home is the break and mental rest you need, great. If continuing the journey of independence and moving home feels like a step back, great. Find your place wherever you see fit.

There is not a time limit for reality to begin after graduation. Give yourself credit for the amount you have learned and grown throughout your college experience. The future awaits and how you decide to fulfill it is completely up to you.

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