The Batman Review: A New Twist on the DC Comic

By Renee Kallina

The Batman entered theatres on Friday, March 4. Scoring an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 10/10 on IGN, The Batman was an overall success. 

The new actor playing Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman was Robert Pattinson, accompanied by Zoe Kravits, who starred as Selina Kyle or Catwoman as many known her. Paul Dango was also featured in this film as The Riddler. The movie has brought in over $600 million worldwide since its opening date. 

The Batman is the 8th live-action Batman franchise movie to be put out. The Director of the film, Matt Reeves, decided to make this film more of a detective film that involves Bruce Wayne entering the underworld to seize The Riddler. This Batman is not like others as Pattensen plays some sort of loner boogyman that is always hiding around the corner. 

In this version of Batman, no team comes to save the world, this is a one-person mission, and Batman is the guy. The Riddler, who is well known for his question mark suit, and the car has a grimier look this time around, and he is out for blood. Instead of fighting to save Gotham, Batman has a more complicated task, outsmart The Riddler. Batman is Gotham Cities only hope. 

When DC or Marvel movies are released, the question arises: “Who actually goes to see these movies?” There are die-hard DC fans that have seen any and every movie that the franchise has to offer, along with every comic book. Then, there are those who just like to see the film for superhero action. 

Gillian Magnier, a Sophmore at Endicott University, thinks The Batman is a movie for all types of people to enjoy or if it was just specific to people who are familiar with The Batman Franchise. 

“I think The Batman is catered to people who are well versed in the Batman movies along with other superhero action movies,” She said. “It is a long movie, and if you don’t know the background or aren’t into that genre, it is hard to stay engaged for the whole three hours.” 

Some were also concerned if Robert Pattinson would be a good fit for the film. He was seen in the Twilight movies and has crossed over to the other side of the supernatural characters over the years. 

“I was worried Robert Pattinson wasn’t going to be a good fit for the character of Batman, but the movie proved me wrong as I thought he did a very good job playing the part,” said Rachel Jarard, a communications major at The University of Tampa.

This adaptation of the recent Batman shows how the franchise has evolved into something bigger than its comics. There are an endless amount of people who have played the part and carried out the mission of Batman, and this was not the last Batman movie to be made. 

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