Majoring in Your Passions: Is It a Smart Decision?

By Frank Cannistra

Asking kids to pick a major fresh out of high school often leads to students regretting their decision in the future. It’s not surprising. Being asked to make such a big decision understandably leads some kids to simply choose things they feel passionate about. 

However, what sometimes gets lost is the true trajectory that their hobbies and passions could lead them towards.

When I was choosing a major, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my future. What I did know was that I liked watching sports. When I saw that The University of Tampa offered a sport management major, it seemed like an easy decision. I decided to register as a sport management major, and I’ve been happy with the professors and the classes I’ve taken. 

At times though, I fear that my love of sports could dwindle, not only from overexposure to my passion, but potentially making it my career. 

For example, volunteering is a big aspect of the sport management requirements. Since the Super Bowl was held in Tampa this past year, a lot of students ended up volunteering during the game. This put me at a bit of an impasse. My favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills, was one game away from actually playing in the Super Bowl here in Tampa last February. 

Considering how infrequently fans get to see their teams play in the biggest game of the year, there was no chance I was going to risk spending that potentially once-in-a-lifetime moment volunteering behind the scenes without being able to experience the game. Because of this, I missed out on a great opportunity to volunteer at the biggest event of the year, and network with some very important people. 

I had the option to make this decision because I’m still in college, and this was a volunteer opportunity, not a job. However, if I were to make sport management my career, there’s no telling if I’ll be afforded the chance to catch big moments like that and experience as much joy from the world of sports as I want to. 

The perils of making your hobby your major don’t just apply to sports. Just about all of my friends that major in something they’re passionate about have told me that they’ve found themselves burnt out from their studies at one point or another. 

History majors who previously couldn’t learn enough, became tired of hearing about anything history-related. Journalism majors who write for a passion, found themselves so stressed that they now can’t write anything at all.  The list goes on and on. 

There’s an old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a nice, and in some ways, true sentiment, but it can also be a double edged sword. There’s something to be said about keeping your hobbies and passions as just that, hobbies and passions.

Unfortunately, this is a realization that not many high school seniors come to by the time they need to choose a path. 

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